Shining a Spotlight on Sustainable Solutions

Our Experience at the Sustainability in Motion Conference

The recent Sustainability in Motion conference, held from March 6th to 8th, 2024, in Atlantic City, offered a focused platform for discussions around environmental sustainability. Organized by NJ Clean Communities and the Association of NJ Recyclers, the event brought together professionals from sectors like sustainability, recycling, waste management, and materials management. Our team participated to highlight our work in developing environmentally friendly heavy equipment solutions.

This conference served as a straightforward venue for networking and learning, with panels covering topics including sustainable business practices, the challenge of microplastic pollution, and the potential for increasing energy efficiency. Discussion also touched on financial incentives for adopting electric vehicles (EVs) and installing EV charging infrastructure.

Our exhibit, showcasing electric heavy equipment, aimed to present our efforts in contributing to industry sustainability. It was an opportunity to demonstrate how our products align with environmental goals.

The event also included an awards ceremony to recognize significant contributions to environmental stewardship. Additionally, a light-hearted moment came with the door prize celebration on the last day. Our donation of a 1:36 scale model of our electric wheel loader, the GEL-5000, was part of the prizes, and coincidentally, one of our team members also received a gift.

Participating in the conference was a valuable experience for us, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable innovation. It was a reminder of the importance of collective efforts in advancing towards a more sustainable industry. We’re encouraged to keep pursuing our goals in eco-friendly heavy equipment development and look forward to sharing future updates. Join our newsletter for the latest on our initiatives toward a more sustainable future.

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In conclusion, the Sustainability in Motion conference was a productive gathering for professionals across various sectors to engage with current trends and challenges in sustainability. It underscored the ongoing need for collaboration and innovation in the quest for environmental sustainability. Please enjoy the collection of highlights that our team captured at the show, and feel free to browse the official collection of photos from the event from the show here.

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