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Find answers to commonly asked questions about electrification, battery safety, our electric heavy equipment, and more below. These answers will help you assess the benefits of switching to electric heavy equipment and determine if it's right for your business.

HEVI is a leading brand of clean, all-electric heavy equipment. Headquartered in East Windsor, N.J., with an assembly plant in White Marsh, Maryland, HEVI envisions a world where the industrial sector emits zero emissions.

That's why we're proud to be the first U.S. company fully dedicated to electrifying our entire range of heavy equipment.

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Switching to electric equipment offers numerous benefits for your business, including:

  • Lower carbon footprint – Supports the environment and helps organizations reach their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.
  • Quiet operation – Reduces noise 60% or more compared to ICE.
  • Zero emissions - Reduces health risks to operators and passersby.
  • Reduced maintenance – 60% less maintenance, resulting in a much greater ROI for organizations and lower TCO.
While tightening carbon emission regulations and growing corporate efforts to decrease CO2 are propelling the advancement of electric heavy equipment, other factors are also leading the charge, including reduced operational costs, higher returns on investments, enhanced efficiency, and a quieter, safer operation with reduced vibrations.

Electric equipment in its current form is best utilized on static sites, like incinerators or DPW yards, where machines rarely get far from their refueling source. Machines like the GEL-5000 are ideal yard machines, where they can haul and load materials when needed, and don’t waste fuel as they idle.

The same properties that make electric equipment so useful in a materials yard also make them ideal for use in industries like

  • Agriculture
  • Property management
  • Construction
  • Waste management
  • Municipal
  • Mining
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
You can save more than $30,000 annually in diesel and maintenance costs per machine. These savings stem from the reduced operating expenses associated with electric motors and the decreased routine maintenance tasks commonly associated with internal combustion engines.
Heavy electric equipment is much quieter than traditional diesel counterparts, reducing noise by 60% or more. This advantage provides a safer and less disruptive work environment and better communication among coworkers.
The loaders and excavators can be charged with a DC wall/stationary charger, but HEVI includes their DCH220-10 mobile charging unit with each new purchase. To charge, operators will need to first connect all the cables to their charging unit. Then, connect the charger to the appropriate power source. Finally, plug the charging gun into the charging port and start the charger. Furthermore, all HEVI equipment is built to charge using the CCS1 charging protocol, the standard for EV charging systems like EVGo, Electrify America, and Siemens eMobility – following roughly the same steps, you can use their chargers to recharge HEVI equipment.
While, generally speaking, lithium-ion batteries are the best option today, there are several different types of lithium-ion battery that affect performance. We believe that electric equipment of this size is best served by LFP (LiFePO4 Lithium Ferrophosphate) batteries. These lithium-ion batteries represent superior performance and cost-efficiency, as well as the best overall lifespan compared to the other lithium-ion battery types.
We believe in the right to repair. That’s why we don't require long-term service contracts and we actively support owners and customers in performing their own repairs. However, when it comes to battery system maintenance, we recommend seeking professional consultation to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your equipment.
The infrastructure for hydrogen power is insufficient for everyday users. Hydrogen refill stations are very sparse, and setting up a personal hydrogen generation system, like Amazon, is well outside the budget of most organizations.
Torque delivers immediate power from a stationary position, eliminating build-up time and allowing electric loaders and excavators to swiftly handle heavy loads and improve efficiency. It also enables quick start-up and stoppage, ideal for tasks with frequent changes in motion or challenging terrains, enhancing performance and productivity.
The duration of the batteries in our electric heavy equipment varies on factors such as the type of equipment, usage habits, and operational conditions. In most applications, our batteries deliver full uptime on a single charge.

The calculation to determine the time required to fully recharge the battery on electric heavy equipment can be derived by dividing the battery capacity by the charger output.

For instance, for a battery with a capacity of 141kWh:
  • Using a DCH220-10 charger with an output of 10kW, charging takes 14.1 hours.
  • Using a charger with an output of 30kW, charging takes as few as 4.7 hours.
  • The above calculations provide just an estimate, and actual charging times can vary based on the specific machine and chosen charging method. Visit our equipment page and click the model you are interested in to learn more.

    While all lithium batteries can exhibit slight differences in extreme temperatures, the large battery in our HEVI equipment is designed to operate reliably across various weather conditions, including cold temperatures.
    In hotter climates, the battery might emit extra heat, but our advanced thermal management systems (TMS) maintain optimal performance and prevent overheating, ensuring your electric heavy equipment remains efficient and reliable.
    Our heavy electric equipment features a battery that incorporates extensive safety measures. They include a state-of-the-art thermal management system (TMS) that actively monitors and regulates the battery temperature, preventing overheating and optimizing performance. The battery is also housed in a durable, half-inch-thick steel cage to protect against external impact, theft or damage.
    These safety features work together to safeguard the battery and the equipment, allowing you to operate safely in all conditions.
    A significant advantage of our EV heavy equipment is its significantly reduced maintenance needs. Our equipment can decrease scheduled maintenance requirements by 60% or more compared to traditional diesel counterparts, offering you more uptime and cost savings.
    All HEVI equipment has been designed based on conventional construction equipment to maintain familiarity and ease of use, with the key change being the replacement of diesel components with innovative electric technology. This electric technology equips our machines to deliver comparable, if not superior, performance levels to similar-sized diesel models.
    As a result, users can experience the efficiency and reliability they are accustomed to while benefiting from the environmental advantages and cost savings electric machines offer.
    HEVI offers a direct-to-customer sales model that’s fast, cost-effective and ensures a seamless purchasing experience for you.
    At HEVI, our aim is to achieve a closed-loop manufacturing process. This means that our batteries are specifically designed with recycling and repurposing options in mind when they reach the end of their lifespan.
    Through our partnership with Princeton NuEnergy, a pioneering clean-tech company in Bordentown, N.J., we leverage the capabilities of high-temperature plasma to extract valuable materials from the spent batteries of our vehicles. This collaboration contributes to more significant resource conservation and fosters environmental sustainability.

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