Clean Cars Act: How To Access Maryland Construction Incentives

HEVI Qualifies for Maryland Heavy Equipment Incentives

When it comes to purchasing a new piece of heavy equipment in Maryland, working with HEVI now saves companies more than ever. As many in the industrial already know, a big hurdle in electrifying the Industrial Sector has to do with the increasingly high price of new technologies. This is why HEVI’s entire product line of electric heavy equipment strives to maintain price parity with competitor products. The price parity of HEVI’s heavy equipment line already makes the adoption of electric heavy equipment a financially conscious decision, but along with grants, such as the Maryland Clean Cars Act (CCA) 2022, every purchase of HEVI’s electric heavy equipment yields major savings.

With the nature of being all-electric, HEVI’s line of heavy equipment produces zero emissions – meaning businesses will remove hundreds of tons of carbon dioxide from the air each year. The sustainability conscious aspect of HEVI’s electric equipment not only will keep a business’s carbon-emission environmental impact low, but importantly also opens the doors to sustainability-based grants, not normally available to the diesel heavy equipment counterparts. With grants such as the Maryland Clean Cars Act 2022, any state-local Maryland purchases of HEVI’s electric heavy equipment, such as excavator and wheel loaders, can expect up to 20% of the purchasing price being covered by the grant. The Maryland Clean Cars Act is just one part of sustainability driven legislations – but the growing body of national legislation proves that clean, sustainable technologies are the future and will continue to grow as the world moves to more electric equipment adoption.

Take a look below or at to explore HEVI’s CCA-qualifying products:


The industry-first all-electric wheeled front loaders create new advantages for operators with its simple maintenance, zero operating emissions, fast charge time and quiet operation. With a 9 hour run time the GEL series of electric front loaders, are always ready to get to work.


HEVI is bringing sustainable-energy options to the construction space with all-electric excavators. Handling up to 8.0 tons of material without endangering the local community with harmful emissions or loud noise pollution.

The Clean Cars Act of 2022

Aligning with the aim of increasing the prevalence of green technology, the Clean Cars Act (CCA) is specifically geared towards funding zero-emission vehicles and providing Maryland electric heavy equipment incentives. Administered by the Maryland Energy Administration, the CCA performs several functions regarding electric vehicle tax credits:

  • Changes the vehicle excise tax credit
  • Lowers the maximum qualifying base price
  • In some specific cases, reduces the vehicle excise tax credit

Importantly, the act also includes an annual budget bill appropriation of roughly $750,000 from 2024-2027. This appropriation will allow in-state individuals, corporations, municipalities, and others, are eligible to receive funding towards the purchase of a medium- or heavy-duty zero emission vehicles and equipment. In total, the CCA can help cover 20% of the purchase price of new electrical industrial heavy equipment sold in Maryland.

The CCA covers a variety of sustainably-oriented Maryland heavy equipment incentives and grants with varying eligibility requirements. For electric heavy equipment, the funds will come directly from the CCA-established the Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicle Grant Program. Through this program, the state will cover up to 20% of the cost to purchase zero-emissions vehicles, electric vehicle charging stations, or off-road equipment. The most critical component of the requirements, however, is that the purchase in question must be over 8,500 pounds in weight and be powered exclusively by electricity or hydrogen. With HEVI’s lightest piece of electric heavy equipment, the GEL-1800, weighing in around 12,000 pounds qualification for this grant is expect with all of HEVI’s electric heavy equipment product line.

HEVI is a manufacturer of lithium-powered heavy industrial equipment including electric front loaders, and electric excavators.  The company serves the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States with facilities in New Jersey and Maryland.  HEVI’s mission is to introduce clean, sustainable alternatives to the industrial equipment market dominated by heavy-emission diesel systems.  Find more information at

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