Fleet of Benefits

Build a better tomorrow with HEVI’s all-electric industrial heavy equipment. These lithium-powered machines boast long operation times and lasting performance power with the added benefits of zero operating emissions, less noise pollution, and easy maintenance. As a result, our products provide all the energy-conscious benefits of electric equipment without sacrificing the power of traditional heavy-emission diesel vehicles. Explore the many opportunities and advantages of HEVI electric heavy equipment below!


The GEL-1800 electric wheel loader excels where it matters most: reliable hydraulic power, durable battery performance, and significantly reduced noise and vibration in indoor and outdoor applications.

Operating Weight
11,464 lbs
Rated Load
3,968 lbs
Bucket Capacity
1.3 yds3

The GEL-5000 electric wheel loader is HEVI’s flagship loader. At nearly 40,000 pounds, the GEL-5000 is the largest electric wheel loader available in North America today. As with all HEVI products, though its battery makes it unique, you can expect the same reliable performance you’re used to with fewer costs and zero emissions.

Operating Weight
39,683 lbs
Rated Load
12,125 lbs
Bucket Capacity
3.9 yds3

The GEX-8000 all-electric wheeled excavator is the natural choice for eco-friendly efficiency, helping you break ground for a better future.

Operating Weight
18,739 lbs
Rated Load
17,637 lbs
Bucket Capacity
0.34 yds3

Frequently asked questions

HEVI is headquartered at 50 Millstone Road, Building 400, Suite 130 East Windsor, New Jersey, USA, with manufacturing/ assembly located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Switching to electric equipment offers numerous benefits for your business, including:

  • Lower carbon footprint – Supports the environment and helps organizations reach their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.
  • Quiet operation – Reduces noise 60% or more compared to ICE.
  • Zero emissions - Reduces health risks to operators and passersby.
  • Reduced maintenance – 60% less maintenance, resulting in a much greater ROI for organizations and lower TCO.

Electric equipment in its current form is best utilized on static sites, like incinerators or DPW yards, where machines rarely get far from their refueling source. Machines like the GEL-5000 are ideal yard machines, where they can haul and load materials when needed, and don’t waste fuel as they idle.

The same properties that make electric equipment so useful in a materials yard also make them ideal for use in industries like

  • Agriculture
  • Property management
  • Construction
  • Waste management
  • Municipal
  • Mining
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
The loaders and excavators can be charged with a DC wall/stationary charger, but HEVI includes their DCH220-10 mobile charging unit with each new purchase. To charge, operators will need to first connect all the cables to their charging unit. Then, connect the charger to the appropriate power source. Finally, plug the charging gun into the charging port and start the charger. Furthermore, all HEVI equipment is built to charge using the CCS1 charging protocol, the standard for EV charging systems like EVGo, Electrify America, and Siemens eMobility – following roughly the same steps, you can use their chargers to recharge HEVI equipment.

Benefits at a Glance


Work in sensitive outdoor environments or indoors where exhaust presents the greatest risks to operators and those nearby.

Operate indoors, outdoors and in sensitive environments like neighborhoods with near-silent operating noise.

Decrease your TCO with electric motors that require fewer parts, no diesel and less maintenance.

Ensure worker satisfaction and health with a quieter, climate-controlled cab with fewer vibrations.

Work with instant power, acceleration, and smooth hydraulic control without buildup time.

Reduce maintenance by 60% compared to diesel counterparts, boosting uptime and savings.

Ensure efficiency and battery safety with an advanced thermal management system and double-layer, 1.5-inch steel enclosure.