A New Electric Wheel Loader: Introducing the GEL-5000

What is the GEL-5000?

The GEL line of electric wheel loaders now includes the GEL-5000, HEVI’s newest loader design. Although engineered from the ground up with sustainability in mind, the GEL-5000 can still achieve a 5 ton lifting capacity.

With its expanded battery capacity, the GEL-5000 provides 8 hours of operation with as little as 3 hours of charging time. As a result, you can expect to see the GEL-5000 become a staple on the job sites of the future.

Working with the GEL-5000 Electric Wheel Loader

Even better, inside the GEL-5000’s air-conditioned cab operators will be comfortable even on the hottest July afternoon. Additionally, all vital metrics are easily accessible from the monitor. As a result, operators will be aware of everything from the battery’s charge to motor temperature, increasing safety of operation. You can also keep tabs on the outside of your vehicle with the dash-mounted backup camera, providing a wide range of vision to allow operators to safely avoid collisions with objects or people on your site.

HEVI’s Electric Wheel Loaders Provide A Sustainable Edge

Safety isn’t the only advantage, of course. As with all of HEVI’s equipment, the GEL-5000 is all-electric. As a result, the GEL-5000 isn’t just an industrial workhorse: it also provides several sustainability benefits.

Naturally, with zero operating emissions, the GEL-5000 is perfect for businesses working to meet the latest government regulations. Exhaust isn’t the only thing that HEVI is clearing from the air, however.

As an added benefit, the lack of an internal combustion engine (ICE) eliminates much of the noise found at typical work sites. A true “silent benefit,” this will protect operators from hazardous on-site noise levels. Believe it or not, workplace noise has resulted in 14% of construction employees suffering hearing loss.

Complement Your Fleet With the GEL-5000

“Our GEL-5000 once again raises the bar on what is possible, with extensive new advantages for operators, simple maintenance, zero operating emissions, and an enhanced operator experience.” – Raymond Wang

Good for the environment and good for your bottom line, the GEL-5000 electric wheel loader is the perfect addition to your fleet. When you check out the specs [here], the difference our equipment makes will be clear. From agriculture to waste management HEVI’s electric wheel loaders will bring you to the cutting edge.

Start electrifying your business and reserve a GEL-5000 today!

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