Sustainable Urban Development & Electric Heavy Equipment

Sustainable urban development is part of the new frontier of green solutions that are improving our environment. Urban spaces are unique. From the dense populations to the heat island effect, urban construction is a tricky business with its own individual needs.

What Is Sustainable Urban Development?

The idea behind the principles of sustainable urban development are fairly straightforward: Build cities that can be climate neutral while engaging the community in green initiatives. Keeping the environment in mind, you can plan for a harmonious relationship between the communities that live there and the space they inhabit.

To accomplish this, sustainable urban development relies on green technologies. Such developers employ recycled materials, more sustainable and efficient equipment, and thoughtful eco-friendly architecture and city planning. Some examples include using things like bamboo and recycled plastic in construction. There’s even a technique known as “grasscrete” where concrete is layered to allow plants to grow AND improve water absorption.

This effort, however, cannot happen overnight. Cities in particular are difficult to bring into the sustainability fold as they represent massive pre-existing infrastructures that require overhauling. This is why funding for these initiatives is rapidly increasing.

Planning for Urban Spaces

The principles behind sustainable urban development are becoming an important piece of guidance for governments regulating industries like construction. Fortunately, as the decision-makers are becoming more informed, the incentives for green technologies and methodologies are increasing.

In the United States, the recent Inflation Reduction Act makes clear the current administration’s drive towards green practices. The IRA not only incentivizes the manufacturing of green technologies, it also paves the way to create sustainable infrastructure across the country. As it stands, the sustainability market is valued to reach a projected value of $74.65 billion by 2030 – 723% growth in just eight years. The sustainability push is not fading – in fact, it’s getting stronger.

This means that when you adhere to the principles of sustainable urban development, you align your company with the appropriate attitudes to meet continually evolving ESG requirements with ease. That’s why it’s important to start thinking now about how your urban job sites will look in the coming years.

Electric Heavy Equipment IS Sustainable Urban Development

Aimed at reducing environmental impact, you can’t separate sustainable urban development from electric heavy equipment. Electrification is practically the hallmark of sustainable solutions. In fact, electric busses are already one of the main green technologies modern cities adopt, with huge grants and funds coming from the federal government to support them. Municipal governments are finding that electric versions of old, ICE equipment help them reduce their carbon footprint.

From the construction side of things, HEVI’s electric equipment represents some of the most sustainable heavy equipment solutions on the market in the United States today. Without an internal combustion engine, our equipment produces zero operating emissions and runs incredibly quietly. For modern urban environments with dense streets and apartment buildings, this means dramatically improved health and quality of life for anyone living and working there.

Operating with lithium-ion batteries, HEVI’s equipment also provides the ability to run for a full shift, meaning a job can be worked on continuously for up to 9 hours without interruption for refueling. Beyond that, the need to ship, store, and manage diesel fuel presents a big danger. Whether it’s a leaking fuel tank, a careful thief, or a fire, diesel is far more dangerous than electric. With buildings and people packed close together as they are in cities, the threat multiplies.

As the cities of the world adopt the principles of sustainable urban development, stay ahead of the curve. By cutting your emissions, reducing second-hand strain on operators and local residents, and eliminating unnecessary dangers like diesel fuel, HEVI equipment is a natural choice for any company seriously pursuing sustainability in their construction business.

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