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Electric Heavy Equipment: How Thermal Management Protects Batteries and Operators

“How safe is the battery?” It’s one of the most frequently asked questions. Lithium-ion batteries in electric construction equipment generate heat during operation. Compounding this are ever-changing weather conditions. Without..

Why It’s So Easy to Maintain Electric Heavy Equipment

You’ve likely heard that buying electric heavy equipment is better for your bottom line and return on investment. Some of the reasons are obvious, like no more diesel fuel. But..

Achieve Higher ROI: The Economic Benefits of Electric Heavy Equipment

The construction sector is fast approaching a crucial tipping point. By 2025, the industry will reportedly transition from all-diesel engines to partial or all-electric heavy equipment. [Source: OEM Off-Highway] That’s..

UTCA 2023 Recap: How HEVI’s 2-Ton Battery Turned Heads

At this year’s UTCA conference, HEVI was told our equipment was too large for the venue’s freight elevators. So, we instead unveiled a massive 2-ton lithium-iron-phosphate battery that captivated attendees..

HEVI 2023 Roadshow Sneak Peak

We’ve been all over New Jersey and New York sharing our equipment with operators. If you’ve ever wondered if electric heavy equipment can move earth like diesel can, look no..

New York Build Gets HEVI!

The New York Build (NYB) expo took place this week from the 8th to the 9th, and HEVI’s own GEL-1800 showed up to the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan to..

The Watershed Institute Gets HEVI!

On May 1st, the Watershed Institute in Pennington, NJ had the HEVI team over to discuss our electric heavy equipment. Executive Director Jim Waltman had the chance to talk to..

Capturing Market Share: CEO Ray Wang & Water Tower Research LLC

On Thursday, April 20th, our CEO Raymond Wang had a fireside chat with Graham Mattison of Water Tower Research to discuss the power of Greenland Technologies’ manufacturing capabilities and how..

New HEVI Equipment Brand Launches

EAST WINDSOR, N.J., May 12, 2022 – Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: GTEC) (“Greenland” or the “Company”), a technology developer and manufacturer of electric industrial vehicles and drivetrain systems for..

Sustainable Urban Development & Electric Heavy Equipment

Sustainable urban development is part of the new frontier of green solutions that are improving our environment. Urban spaces are unique. From the dense populations to the heat island effect,..

HEVI Electric Equipment Syncs With Siemens EV Charger Network

HEVI brought a few electric GEL-1800 front loaders to Siemen’s testing and assembly facility in Wendell, North Carolina for compatibility testing on their EV charger system. The electric front loaders..

HEVI and Cyngn To Develop New Tech For Electric Vehicles

Many companies that utilize industrial heavy equipment such as front loaders and excavators struggle with efficient management of their fleet. Difficulty with asset tracking, transportation, safe operation and routine maintenance..