5 Compelling Reasons to Visit HEVI at UTCA 2023

The Utility and Transportation Contractors Association of New Jersey’s (UTCA) annual convention is coming up fast. More than 100 exhibitors will be in attendance, all displaying the latest equipment, technology and services in construction. 

Among the must-see booths, one stands out—HEVI Booth #87.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit us at UTCA 2023, beginning September 28 at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, N.J.

1. Pioneering Electrification of Heavy Equipment

At HEVI, we’re leading the charge in revolutionizing heavy equipment. As the first U.S. company to fully electrify its range of heavy machinery, we’re continuously expanding where and how you work—in new sectors, in sensitive environments, even indoors. Our quiet electric front loaders and wheeled excavators embody the strength, efficiency, and durability you’ve come to expect from traditional diesel equipment, only powered by batteries.

No operating emissions. No fluctuating diesel fuel costs. And significantly less noise and vibration. All of which pleases operators with better comfort and fleet owners with a better return on their investment.

2. Explore Cutting-Edge Battery Technology

Have you ever wondered what powers the battery inside electric construction equipment? At UTCA, you’ll get to see it up close. Enclosed in a display case will be one of our premium lithium-iron phosphate batteries, which range from 141 kilowatt hours to a whopping 282 kilowatt hours (kWh).

While consumer electric vehicles like Tesla and BMW rely on lithium-ion batteries, there’s more to the story. Lithium-ion batteries come in several subtypes, all with differing strengths in how they power equipment. This is what sets HEVI apart from the pack. Our lithium-ion battery outperforms the competition with its sheer size, translating to enhanced performance, power, and efficiency with full-shift uptime.

Witness the future of construction energy and learn about sustainable battery recycling practices at HEVI Booth #87.

3. Unveiling Innovative Battery Charging Solutions

Navigating the world of charging electric construction equipment can be a puzzle. But fear not because we have all the pieces you need.

This year, alongside our battery, we’re presenting the DCH220-10, a charger that produces 10 kW of power from a standard 220V line. This mobile, flexible, user-friendly charger is the perfect companion for your electric loaders and excavators, ensuring you’re always powered up and ready to work. And that’s not all—with the DCH480-30, an upgraded charger offering faster charging times at 480V power sites, we’ve covered your charging needs.

4. Discover How HEVI Equipment Revolutionizes Cost-Effective Operations

Every business shares the goal: Maximize operational efficiency and minimize costs. Yet traditional heavy machinery always comes with a hefty price tag, not only in terms of upfront investment but also ongoing expenses related to diesel fuel and maintenance.

HEVI’s electric wheelers and excavators offer a significantly better cost-effective solution. The difference is our electric motor design, which eliminates diesel fuel and has fewer moving parts, translating into less maintenance and fewer breakdowns.

5. Your Questions, Our Expert Answers

While the benefits of electric heavy equipment are well-documented, questions often linger. We’re here to provide clarity. At HEVI Booth #87, our experts will address your queries head-on:

  • How long does the battery last?
  • What’s the charging time for the equipment?
  • How does HEVI equipment compare to diesel-powered counterparts in terms of performance and cost?

Whether it’s battery longevity, charging efficiency, or overall performance, we’re committed to demystifying the world of electric construction equipment.

Don’t Miss the Chance: Book a Demo

While learning about our electric construction equipment at UTCA is enlightening, experiencing it firsthand is transformative. That’s why we invite you to schedule your demo now. A personalized demo lets you see our electric loaders and excavators in action, understand how they operate, and evaluate their performance in different working conditions. It delivers the hands-on experience and insights you need to see how electric heavy equipment can best help your organization. 

As the adage suggests, seeing is believing. And once you see what our electric heavy equipment can do for your team and bottom line, you’ll understand why it’s the next step in the evolution of construction equipment.

Intrigued? Excited? So are we. Join us at HEVI Booth #87 at UTCA 2023, where the future of construction is being unveiled, one innovation at a time.

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