Our HEVI Duty Commitment

Our HEVI-Duty Commitment to Sustainability

At HEVI, we are committed to supporting a sustainable future by developing and manufacturing clean-technology solutions that ensure a better world for future generations.

HEVI Duty Sustainability

From Diesel to Electric

Our goal is to remove greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial sector. Though we anticipate this to be a challenging task, we believe by being the first company to manufacture commercially available all-electric heavy equipment at these sizes, we are challenging the notion that every heavy equipment must be a massive burner of fossil fuels. This change will be difficult and will take time, but we will embark on this journey one unit at a time.

  • Provide clients and suppliers with a zero GHG emissions solution
  • Develop affordable and easy to use all-electric industrial equipment
  • Seek out logistics suppliers that will achieve climate neutrality
  • Invest in no/low carbon technologies at our sites
  • Support public initiatives to accelerate carbon reduction and removal opportunities

What happens after?

We believe that a product’s ability to be sustainable during its operation is just as important as its ability to stay sustainable at the end of its life. For that reason, HEVI has formed a strategic partnership with Princeton Nuenergy. With Princeton Nuenergy, we’ve taken the environmentally responsible initiative of recycling the materials found in our vehicle’s lithium batteries rather than taking the irresponsible landfill disposal route. With the small addition of plasma driven recycling, we’ve taken a big step towards a full track sustainable solution.

Learn more about our partners at Princeton Nuenergy at: Princeton NuEnergy (pnecycle.com)

The Bison

Indigenous to North America, the Bison has been added to the ranks of America’s national mammals and is a symbol of our ability to restore nature. In this respect, Bisons connect us to the earth which drives our commitment to the environment, working towards a better, cleaner future. With demonstrations of strength and power, they are more than ready to take on any task in front of them.

The Bison is the living example that through endurance, perseverance, and the drive toward a more sustainable environment, we can begin to right our wrongs and start taking the steps toward a cleaner tomorrow.

The HEVI Bison
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