Pioneering Change

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Industrial Sector

Construction, an age-old human endeavor, is undergoing unprecedented alterations. What we build, how we build it, the resources we use—and don’t---are all changing.

At HEVI, we hold the conviction that the way we respond to these shifts starts from within. That’s why we’ve engineered, manufactured and assembled a fleet of electric heavy equipment that delivers the same robust strength as traditional diesel equipment but with zero operating emissions and a greener industrial future.

Because finding a better way to power today and build a better tomorrow for you and your community is the right way to do business.

Our Approach to Sustainability

How we empower a sustainable future where people, businesses and our planet thrive together through dedicated efforts.

Traditional machinery, a culprit of extreme noise, vibration, and air pollution, can harm the heartbeat of our worksites: its people. That's why we offer a proven alternative that operates at 60% less noise, fewer vibrations and entirely without emissions.

Our all-electric loaders and excavators provide a serene and healthier workspace for operators, nurturing the wellbeing of our communities and those who build, serve and maintain them.

By utilizing electricity as a power source—one that can be derived from renewable sources—we reduce dependency on non-renewable fossil fuels. And unlike conventional construction machinery, our electric equipment releases no operating emissions, mitigating air pollution and contributing to cleaner, healthier ecosystems.

Partnering with organizations such as Princeton NuEnergy enables us to repurpose end-of-life batteries, preventing their disposal as hazardous waste in landfills and promoting a circular economy that reduces carbon footprints.

At the heart of HEVI's operations lies a firm belief: that business profitability and ESG initiatives can, and should, go together. Our all-electric heavy equipment reduces maintenance costs by as much as 60% and eliminates diesel expenses, boosting return on investment and financial predictability.

But the soul of HEVI beats for a powerful environmental impact. Choosing our technology is more than just a financial decision. It’s the thrilling integration of your enterprise's profitability and ecological responsibility. It's this harmoniously sustainable and thriving future that we fervently champion.

HEVI equipment was designed with zero operating emissions, recognizing that the most effective approach to environmental change is to eliminate emissions at the source.

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