HEVI’s Lithium Battery Recycling Solution With Princeton NuEnergy

HEVI introduced the first all-electric industrial heavy equipment commercially available in the United States. The company’s product line of earth-moving equipment weighs as much as 40,000 lbs. As a result, large lithium batteries are used to power its equipment such as electric front loaders, electric excavators and electric forklifts. These lithium batteries will last for over ten years of operation. However, the lithium battery recycling process can be difficult due to their large size and power. It requires a special partner with innovative technology to recycle these batteries effectively and sustainably. HEVI found that partner in Princeton NuEnergy.

Lithium Battery Recycling Process

Princeton NuEnergy developed a novel approach to lithium battery recycling with a low-temperature plasma process (LPAS™). LPAS successfully reclaims high-value materials including rejuvenated cathode and anode materials suitable for direct reintroduction into cell manufacturing. Afterwards, the recycled materials are battery-grade and can be used to produce brand new lithium batteries. Compared to conventional methods, PNE’s process offers lower cost, low carbon footprint, and low hazardous emissions – all at a high recycling efficiency rate.

HEVI Partnership With Princeton NuEnergy For Lithium Battery Recycling

On March 8, 2022, HEVI entered into a strategic partnership with Princeton NuEnergy to utilize its technology to develop innovative and sustainable second-lift battery solutions for the batteries utilized by HEVI’s products including electric front loaders, electric excavators and electric forklifts to further minimize their environmental footprint. HEVI will utilize Princeton NuEnergy for all of its lithium battery recycling needs. Dr. Yan, CEO of Princeton NuEnergy, commented, “Our partnership gives us an invaluable opportunity to commercialize the advanced technologies and recycling processes we have been developing over the past few years, as we seek to help the electric vehicle industry meet its ambitious growth targets.”

Princeton NuEnergy

Princeton NuEnergy is an innovative clean-tech company founded out of Princeton University in 2019. The company is quickly revolutionizing the critical materials supply chain with its patented direct recycling technology for lithium-ion batteries. Find more information at www.pnecycle.com .


Founded in 2019, HEVI is a manufacturer of lithium powered heavy industrial equipment including electric front loaders, electric excavators and electric forklifts. HEVI serves the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States with facilities in New Jersey and Maryland. The mission is to introduce clean and sustainable alternatives to the industrial equipment market dominated by heavy emission diesel systems. Find more information at www.gethevi.com.

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