HEVI Applauds Passage of Maryland’s Clean Cars Act of 2022

East Windsor, NJ – June 27, 2022 – HEVI, a technology developer and manufacturer of electric industrial vehicles, today commented on the passage of the Maryland Clean Cars Act of 2022, which was sponsored by Delegate David Frasier-Hidalgo.

The Maryland Clean Cars Act of 2022 establishes a grant program that the Maryland Energy Administration will administer, with the governor including in the annual budget bill an appropriation of at least $750,000 in the fiscal years 2024 through 2027 from the Strategic Investment Fund for zero–emission heavy equipment property under the program. The legislation takes effect July 1, 2022, with the grant program set to subsidize equipment purchased on or after that date. The grant will provide a 20% subsidy off the purchase price of electric industrial heavy equipment sold in the state of Maryland.

“I am thrilled that the Clean Cars Act has been signed into law and includes incentives for zero-emission technology…,” said Delegate David Fraser Hidalgo. “This legislation is a critical step in reducing emissions among industrial equipment and achieving a more sustainable future.”

Raymond Wang, CEO of HEVI, commented, “We applaud Maryland’s Governor, Senate and House for taking leadership to facilitate a cleaner, healthier, green environment and economy. We have invested in the creation of industrial electric vehicles that offer superior performance, return on investment and aesthetics to traditional vehicles. Our investments in innovation have enabled us to bring electric industrial vehicles to market that are set to disrupt traditional industrial fleets from warehouses to other heavy handling environments. The fact that Maryland continues to take a leadership role in encouraging both manufacturers, like HEVI, and customer adoption reinforces our strategic decision to buildout our U.S. manufacturing operations in Baltimore County. We hope other states will follow Maryland’s example and adopt similar programs, as acceleration of the conversion of the industrial vehicle market to clean, electric vehicles is in everyone’s best interests.”

CEO of HEVI, Raymond Wang holding a shadow-box frame with a pen,
ribbon and certificate with the seal of Maryland that states:

This pen, presented to Raymond Wang,
was used in the signing of House Bill 1391 Clean Cars Act of 2022,
now Chapter 234 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland of 2022.
Signed by Lawrence J. Hogan Jr., Governor of Maryland.

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