Electric Wheel Loader

Operating Weight

39,683 lbs

Rated Load

12,125 lbs

Bucket Capacity

3.9 yds3

HEVI GEL-5000 Electric Wheel Loader
LOAD Series Lithium-ion Electric Wheel Loader


Dimensions GEL-5000
Operating Weight 39,683 lbs (18,000 kg)
Rated Load 12,125 lbs (5,500 kg)
Bucket Capacity 3.9 yd3 (3.0 m3)
Length 28’ 6” (8,700 mm)
Width 9’ 11” (3,016 mm)
Height 11’ 1” (3,380 mm)
Dumping Height 10’ 2” (3,100 mm)
Dumping Distance 3’ 7” (1,100 mm)
Steer Angle 35°
Battery Type LFP
Battery Capacity 456 Ah | 282 kWh
Voltage 618.24V
Charging Time (220V | 480V | DCFC) 13 hrs | 5 hrs | <1.5 hrs
Operating Time 9 Hours
Max. Digging Force 160 kN
Hydraulic Pressure 2,610 psi (18 Mpa)
Speed 20 mph (32 kph)
GEL-5000 Electric Wheel Loader


GEL-5000 Charging CCS1 PortWe make use of the most advanced lithium-ion battery technology, fit with Combination Charging System (CCS) Type 1 charger ports.  Thanks to electrification, HEVI equipment provides a number of environmentally conscious features that reduces its impact on the local and global ecosystem.

Low operating noiseDid you know noise pollution also adversely affects wildlife?  our equipment is 60% quieter than the diesel alternative, so whether in a neighborhood or near a forest, HEVI equipment ensures your job site will provide a little relief for anyone in earshot.

Built around battery power, HEVI equipment has no engine and no exhaust.  This results in absolutely zero operating emissions of greenhouse gasses.

No engine means no diesel or oil, which results in a much cleaner machine with heavily reduced labor to maintain.  If you don’t have to fill up on gas or perform an oil change, you’re stopping spills, leaks, and other associated messes from impacting the environment.

GEL-5000 Operating and Charging time infographic With the ability to charge to full in 3 hours, the GEL-5000 can operate for an entire shift and be ready to go in no time.  Quick to charge and slow to drain, HEVI equipment can easily replace your outdated diesel machines.

The GEL-5000 BucketNo HEVI electric wheel loader is a slouch – with buckets ranging from 3.5 to 5.9 yards cubed and lifting power comparable to similarly-sized diesel equipment, the GEL-5000 is ready to move earth and get the job done.

An image made to look like a blueprint that shows the horizontal articulation of the GEL-5000The GEL-5000 was made with many operations in mind. From digging through asphalt to loading material onto a truck, the high range of articulation lets you load almost anything, anywhere. 

All Terrain Tires

Quality Hydraulics

Tow Point


Radiator Cooling System

Electric Motor

Torque / Power

The air conditioner vent in the GEL-5000It can get hot out there – and with the GEL-5000 rated to operate in 140 degrees Farenheit, you’ll want to cool off.   The GEL-5000 is fitted with an AC system ready to keep operators comfortable even in the most sweltering environments.  When the job site heats up, your operators can keep cool. 
In any vehicle, seating is important – but it’s even more important in a piece of equipment you’ll be operating for 8 hours.  The GEL-5000 is outfitted with seating and suspension ready to keep the operator comfortable through any shift.  As an added bonus, the reduced operating vibrations compared to diesel means you’ll have a smoother ride than ever. 
With intuitive controls within easy reach, operation of the equipment is as simple as possible.
The HEVI display software showing a number of important statisticsThe on-board display provides the operator with live feed of the equipment’s operating status. From monitoring your battery levels to gauging pressure levels, there no guesswork needed with HEVI equipment. 

Enclosed Cab

Adjustable Steering Column (Tilt-Steer)

Floor Mat

Windshield Wipers

With any heavy equipment, it’s vital to be able to shut down as quickly as possible.  With our easily accessible battery shutoff switch, an operator can cut power immediately and address any safety issue immediately.
A puncture is the greatest threat to a Lithium-ion battery.  To keep your job site safe, our batteries are encased with 2 layers of steel for a total of 1.5 inches of steel.
No Juice?  No Problem.  Although you should never drain a Lithium-ion battery completely, HEVI equipment comes with a backup battery system that will enable roughly 20 minutes of light operation.  You’ll never need to worry about your equipment getting stalled too far from a charger – especially as the backup system can be charged like a normal car battery!

Accidents on your site can happen at any time.  With its digital backup camera, the GEL-5000 can safely navigate the twists and turns of the job without endangering your other workers.

Brake Lights

Reverse Audio

LED Headlights


Security Locks

Seat Belt

Hand Brake

One of the greatest challenges facing the adoption of EVs and electrified equipment is the lack of a clear standard.  By keeping our equipment free of proprietary parts, you won’t be locked in to one dealer or one mechanic when it’s time for maintenance.
GEL-5000 Hydraulic Fluid PortHEVI equipment comes with a number of quick access ports to aid in the quick maintenance or inspection of a variety of its less accessible components.

With a lightweight cover, the rear of the GEL-5000 is easily accessible, providing direct access to the reserve battery system, as well as other important components.
Accessible Fuse Box


Lithium-ion electric wheel loaders


Each piece of HEVI LOAD electric wheel loader series is powered by state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries and produce zero emissions. This makes them the ideal choice for interior and exterior locations and improves the health and well being of operators and cutting sound by over 60% compared to other front loaders.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Fewer moving parts and no requirement for expensive diesel or propane fuels means the HEVI LOAD series wheel loaders will operate for longer service intervals and significantly reduce the cost of ownership. Our industry leading guarantees provide complete peace of mind, covering batteries for 5 years and mechanical parts for 1 year.

All-electric wheel loaders