Cyngn (NASDQ:CYN) 

Cyngn drives forward the notion that a fully automated fleet of industrial vehicles is possible today. HEVI has partnered with Cyngn to develop autonomous solutions to HEVI’s product line. 

Autonomous forklifts will not only make it easier for our customers to get work done and provide them with data that has never been available before, but the technology will also help them achieve their environmental sustainability goals by operating vehicles more efficiently. 

Learn more about Cyngn at: Autonomous Technology for Industrial Vehicles | Cyngn | Autonomous Vehicle Technology for Industrial Fleets 


Princeton NuEnergy 

We believe that a product’s ability to be sustainable during its operation is just as important as its ability to stay sustainable at the end of its life. For that reason, HEVI has formed a strategic partnership with Princeton Nuenergy.

With Princeton Nuenergy, we’ve taken the environmentally responsible initiative of recycling the materials found in our vehicle’s lithium batteries rather than taking the irresponsible landfill disposal route. With the small addition of plasma-driven recycling, we’ve taken a big step towards a full track sustainable solution. 

 Learn more about Princeton NuEnergy at: Princeton NuEnergy (